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Why Should You Have Your Septic System Cleaned Before Winter?

Septic tank maintenance is always important, but preparing for the winter with a septic tank cleaning and pumping is particularly important. A septic tank collects your household’s wastewater and allows the liquid to enter the drain field. It could be difficult and expensive for our plumbers to reach your septic tank in winter.

Snow Accumulation Is a Significant Factor

Snow doesn’t occur every winter, but it does happen in Houston, TX. You should clean and pump your septic tank before the winter months because snow and cold can cause complications for repairs or maintenance. The moisture that seeps into the ground during snow can damage the drain field. If the drain field can’t filter out waste products, the extra water could raise the septic tank levels. Our plumbers can clean and pump your septic system before winter to lower the risk of the tank overflowing.

The Holiday Season Strains the Septic System

You should clean your septic system every three to five years, but some households may need annual cleaning. The number of people in your house is a major factor when calculating regular cleanings and maintenance. You may host family and friends during the holidays, which adds to your septic system usage.

When more people stay at your house, the water use and wastewater running through your system increase. If your septic tank is reaching full levels, pump before winter to lower the stress on the system. It’s important to have plenty of space in the tank when you know you’ll be accommodating extra people for the holidays.

Septic Systems Can Freeze

Winter temperatures may cause various problems for your septic system. If you’re missing a cover or blanket that traps heat in your septic system, it can increase the chances of freezing. Compacted snow can seep into your system when vehicles drive over the snow above your septic tank. Long intervals of not using your septic system during winter can cause the system to freeze, and plumbing leaks that enter the system can lead to freezing as well. Trapped cold air and deteriorated pipes can also cause freezing problems.

Ways to Prevent Your Septic System From Freezing

Winter weather puts your septic system at risk of freezing, but there are preventive measures you can take. For one, your system should have regular pumping and cleaning before winter. You also want to remove trees or hardwood plants to prevent roots from interfering with your septic system. Keep in mind, however, that a healthy, thick lawn above the system can help insulate the soil and keep it warmer. Mulch can also prevent freezing, and ensuring that warm water is regularly flowing into the system will help prevent ice buildup.

If you need help caring for your system this winter, the team at Brown Aerobic is able to assist. Call us today to learn more and set up an appointment for pumping and cleaning services.