A worker installs a sewer manhole on a septic tank made of concrete rings with construction of sewerage

What Happens During Septic Tank Maintenance?

Septic tanks don’t need to be pumped every year. In fact, if you live by yourself and have a 1,000-gallon tank, you probably only need it to be pumped once a decade. But septic tanks do need to be regularly checked by professionals to make sure they are working the way they should.

A broken septic tank can be a health hazard and can cost thousands of dollars to fix. If you are buying or selling your home, a septic system inspection must be part of the process. Here’s what happens during septic tank maintenance.

Septic Tank Maintenance Tasks

When our septic tank professional comes to your home, they’ll find the access hole and uncover it. This is one reason you shouldn’t plant anything but grass over your access hole or your drain field. They’ll open up the inspection port and check that the baffles and partition wall are working the way they should. They’ll also check to see if the effluent filter needs cleaning.

The professional will then either flush your toilets or have you flush them and check if there’s any backup of sewage. They’ll find leaks, evaluate the layers of scum and sludge, and check any mechanical parts and repair them if necessary. Depending on what they find, they may recommend that your septic tank be pumped. They’ll also check to see if the ground over your drain field is soggy or has puddles. If it’s wet, this might mean that your system isn’t draining properly or that you’re using too much water for your system to handle. The professional might then recommend that the drain field be inspected.

If solid waste has filled one-third to one-half of your septic tank, it will need to be pumped. Our professionals can also perform this service. During this simple but vital process, our septic tank pumper brings a truck to your home, opens up the septic tank, and uses a hose from the truck to clean it out. Enough beneficial bacteria is left in the tank so it doesn’t need to be “reseeded.” All you’ll need to do is use your system in the normal way.

Call Our Professionals for Septic Tank Maintenance

Though Houston Public Works manages the wastewater for most residents, there are still homeowners who have their own septic system, and they’re the ones who are responsible for its upkeep. Our experienced and licensed professionals at Brown Aerobic have been pleased to serve our customers for years.

Besides general septic tank maintenance, we also perform installations, replacements, and repairs. We also help locate the best place to put your septic system before it’s installed and provide emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don’t hesitate to contact Brown Aerobic for all your septic system needs.