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Orlando Santellano
Orlando Santellano
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" Rashad and his guys are a top Quality service if you need service on your system give em a try today is Memorial Day and they came no problem to save the day and repair a electrical line That was accidentally cut they came on time at 9am it’s now 11 and jobs complete and the price is as fair as it will get I’m cheap and I feel like Rashad gave me a good deal they also do my 3 month inspections with top quality work and recommendations thanks Brown Aroebic "
Jane Copland
Jane Copland
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" Outstanding service! I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and experience of their staff. They were able to figure out what was wrong with my tank and fixed it with no issues or added stress. I would highly recommend Brown Aerobic. "
George Harris
George Harris
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" Very professional. Brown Aerobic exceeded beyond my expectations and were highly dependable. When I called, they answered. "
Grace Hudson
Grace Hudson07/23/2020
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" I was calling all over Houston to find a company that could service my septic tank!! I was so relieved when Rashad answered my call! Cannot say how great this company is enough! Highly recommend. "
Tony Bastos
Tony Bastos10/19/2020
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" I didn't actually know there was a company out there that could provide me with all the septic services I need. I'm very pleased with there maintenance plans and the level of professionalism they provide. Brown Aerobic is the real deal! "

Septic tank pumping in Houston, TX

After installing your septic tank, you must have it cleaned once in a while to ensure its effectiveness. Otherwise, be prepared to deal with plumbing issues such as flooding and clogging. Some of these problems might even be life-threatening if not dealt with immediately. As a locally owned and operated company, Brown Aerobic Service Company offers reliable septic tank pumping in Houston, TX. We focus on helping our clients maintain their septic tanks and keep them functioning effectively. 

What Is Septic Tank Pumping, and Why Is It Important?

Contrary to what most homeowners believe, septic tank pumping and cleaning are two different processes. But they do have the same function and are all part of the maintenance process. So how does pumping differ from septic tank cleaning?

Septic tank pumping is the process of removing sludge from your tank. Sewage sludge forms from the combination of organic and inorganic matter in the tank. The primary role of septic pumping is to remove any matter within the tank before it leads to clogging.

Call the trust septic specialists today for you septic tank pumping in Houston, TX: (281) 317-6103!

benefits of septic pumping

  1. Improves efficiency: Even if you don’t notice any signs of leaks or odd smells coming from your drain, your septic tank may not be functioning correctly. Luckily, pumping can help increase your system’s overall efficiency. If you wait for too long without scheduling septic tank pumping in Houston, TX, it can lead to slow draining, which becomes frustrating after a while.
  2. Prevents damage: Proper septic tank pumping will keep your system functioning for years to come. A thorough pump eliminates excess waste and water residue that form clogs, leading to backups in your pipes. With proper pumping, waste will continue flowing smoothly through your system.
  3. Protects your property: When your tank is clogged and overloaded, wastewater can easily filter onto your property. This eventually wreaks havoc on the surrounding environment.

Untreated sewage can infiltrate groundwater and wells, thus posing a health risk to your family and other occupants. Protect your property and family by routinely pumping your tank.

Septic Tank Cleaning Process

Septic tanks play a vital role in treating wastewater flowing out from your Houston, TX home. Over time, scum and sludge layers build up within the tank faster than the draining process. 

To get rid of the scum buildup, you need to schedule septic tank cleaning in Houston, TX. That way, you can be confident that your tank will remain efficient and in top shape. Generally, the cleaning process includes:

  • Inspection and pumping
  • Using water efficiently
  • Proper waste disposal
  • Drain field maintenance

It’s best to have a professional inspect your septic tank on a regular basis. Inspection frequency is often based on if your tank contains electrical switches, pumps, or mechanical components.

Other factors that dictate the frequency of inspection and pumping services are:

  • Size of your home
  • Size of your tank
  • Amount of wastewater your home generates
  • Amount of solid waste present in the wastewater

When you contact us, we’ll look at the sludge layers while also checking for leaks. Our pumping tools and trucks are clean, modern, and efficient. In addition to pumping out your septic tank in Houston, TX, we’ll analyze it to ensure it’s working correctly and notify you of any potential problems. 

The second aspect of cleaning and maintaining your tank is using water efficiently. Keep in mind that any water used within your household travels through the pipes and into the tank. So, by conserving water, your tank will function more efficiently, thus reducing the possibility of a malfunction. 

To avoid the hassle of frequent repairs, ensure you treat your system fairly. Proper waste disposal and maintenance for your septic tank include simple acts like not throwing foreign objects into the toilet and regularly having cleaning services.

Comprehensive Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Our plumbers have a wealth of expertise and experience in septic tank cleaning in Houston, TX. We’ll help you minimize the risk of costly repairs by prolonging the life of your tank. Looking for septic tank cleaning services in Houston, TX? Contact Brown Aerobic Service Company today at (281) 317-6103, and we’ll get your septic tank up and running effectively.

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