The man opens the sewer hatch. Installation and maintenance of septic tanks.

Costly Bad Habits That Can Affect Your Septic Tank

Some people in Houston aren’t hooked up to the municipal sewer system and instead use septic systems. These systems can work very well, but they do have to be treated with care. There are some bad habits that can negatively affect your septic tank, and those subsequent problems could be expensive to fix.

At Brown Aerobic Service Company, we’re often called out to help with these types of situations. We thought it would be helpful to let people know about good habits that can protect septic systems.

Flushing Garbage Down the Toilets

The only things that should be disposed of in the toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Toilet paper is made differently than paper towels, tissues, and other paper products, so it’s more easily broken down. This is because it consists of short fibers that won’t hold together well when wet.

Other paper products, feminine products, wet wipes, and anything else should be thrown away in the trash can so that they don’t have a chance to clog your pipes. If those items do manage to get through to the septic tank, they could cause problems that are costly to address.

Using the Garbage Disposal Too Much

Some homes in Houston with septic systems also have garbage disposals. If this is the case for you, it’s important to not overuse that garbage disposal. Any food particles that are processed by the disposal are going to go into your septic tank, where they could get in the way of what goes on.

A septic tank is where sludge and scum rise to the top, solids fall to the bottom, and water is sent off to the leach field. Food particles could interfere with this process and cause expensive problems if there are too many of them.

Neglecting Septic Tank Inspections

We know that people in Houston have a lot going on, especially at this time of year. Family activities and holidays can take up some of our time, but it’s important to have your septic system checked periodically. During these visits, our team at Brown Aerobic Service Company can perform an inspection to make sure that there’s not too much sludge and scum and that the tank isn’t too full.

If needed, we can pump your system. If there is an issue and it’s not addressed, the problems could be significant. Wastewater could back up, solids could overflow into your drainfield, and internal components of the system could be damaged. These are all problems you don’t want to experience.

We’re ready to jump into action if you ever experience a problem, and we can help you maintain your septic system, which could prevent future issues. Following these tips can also help you prevent expensive problems. Call us if you need to schedule a service.