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Orlando Santellano
Orlando Santellano
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" Rashad and his guys are a top Quality service if you need service on your system give em a try today is Memorial Day and they came no problem to save the day and repair a electrical line That was accidentally cut they came on time at 9am it’s now 11 and jobs complete and the price is as fair as it will get I’m cheap and I feel like Rashad gave me a good deal they also do my 3 month inspections with top quality work and recommendations thanks Brown Aroebic "
Jane Copland
Jane Copland
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" Outstanding service! I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and experience of their staff. They were able to figure out what was wrong with my tank and fixed it with no issues or added stress. I would highly recommend Brown Aerobic. "
George Harris
George Harris
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" Very professional. Brown Aerobic exceeded beyond my expectations and were highly dependable. When I called, they answered. "
Grace Hudson
Grace Hudson07/23/2020
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" I was calling all over Houston to find a company that could service my septic tank!! I was so relieved when Rashad answered my call! Cannot say how great this company is enough! Highly recommend. "
Tony Bastos
Tony Bastos10/19/2020
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" I didn't actually know there was a company out there that could provide me with all the septic services I need. I'm very pleased with there maintenance plans and the level of professionalism they provide. Brown Aerobic is the real deal! "

Septic tank Inspection in Houston, TX

As experienced septic tank contractors, we’ve got the training, expertise, and equipment to examine the state of your tank and advise you of its overall condition. We bring innovation, knowledge, and quality to the field. Our inspection and certification services help eliminate concerns and offer the necessary information to make an informed decision. You can rely on Brown Aerobic Service Company for septic tank inspection in Houston, TX. 

Top-Notch Septic Tank Inspections

If you’re considering selling or buying a home with a septic system, inspection is a crucial part of the process that most people overlook. This is especially true if you’re seeking a home loan since most lenders need certification before approval. For example, to receive an FHA loan, homebuyers must prove that the septic tank meets local standards for operation. 

That’s why it’s essential to schedule a septic tank inspection in Houston, TX when purchasing a home. During our assessment, we’ll locate, pump, and then clean your tank. Pumping is essential, and without it, your plumber can’t prove whether your tank can be certified. 

For a professional septic tank inspection in Houston, TX, call (281) 317-6103 now!

After the cleaning process, we inspect your tank, looking for any signs of defects or possible corrosion. We check to ensure the septic tank is structurally sound. 

We then note down all the information, including the type of tank, tank size, and its integrity on the inspection form. We’ll also check if there’s a deflection device and whether the tank is baffled. Our licensed plumbers have all it takes to inspect and certify septic tanks in Houston, TX regardless of their make or model.

We’re more than just an average inspection company. Our plumbers can assess your tank, determine any potential problems, and, if necessary, offer the most effective fix.

Local Septic Tank Certification Services

When purchasing a home, your bank might need you to get your tank certified before it approves you for a loan. Often required by health districts, the primary purpose of certification is to ensure that the tank is in good condition and meets all the regulatory requirements. 

If you need septic tank certification services in Houston, TX to get a loan, Brown Aerobic Service Company has you covered. With years of combined experience, we’ve mastered every aspect of septic system work. With our top-notch services, be sure to get a quick, thorough review and certification. 

Generally, most inspections examine your tank from a structural integrity standpoint. We’ll inspect both the property and the tank to determine if the system complies with the state’s legal requirements.

how does certification work?

The process is just like any other septic tank inspection. When you call us, we’ll look at every aspect and component of your system. First, we’ll locate and uncover your tank before pumping it out to get a good view of the system’s working components. 

Once we’ve pumped your tank, we’ll begin the actual inspection of your drain field. Our plumbers will put the field’s functionality to the test by running water from the tank for about half an hour. 

We’ll then note the field type, material, and working condition. If it’s in poor working condition, we’ll give you a written report detailing the recommended fixes. We’ll also look at the system components like the aerator unit and the control panel.

If everything appears to be in good shape and top working condition, we’ll certify your septic tank. At Brown Aerobic Service Company, we’re well-known for professional septic tank certification in Houston, TX. We’ll help you purchase your house with confidence, knowing that the tank is in proper working order. 

Prompt, Courteous Septic Tank Inspection & Certification

At Brown Aerobic Service Company, we strive to offer the best inspection and certification while conducting the service in the utmost professional and respectful manner. Plus, we discuss treatment plans with our customers based on the findings to ensure that the system functions smoothly. Are you looking for comprehensive septic tank certification services in Houston, TX? Contact us today at (281) 317-6103.

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