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Orlando Santellano
Orlando Santellano
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" Rashad and his guys are a top Quality service if you need service on your system give em a try today is Memorial Day and they came no problem to save the day and repair a electrical line That was accidentally cut they came on time at 9am it’s now 11 and jobs complete and the price is as fair as it will get I’m cheap and I feel like Rashad gave me a good deal they also do my 3 month inspections with top quality work and recommendations thanks Brown Aroebic "
Jane Copland
Jane Copland
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" Outstanding service! I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and experience of their staff. They were able to figure out what was wrong with my tank and fixed it with no issues or added stress. I would highly recommend Brown Aerobic. "
George Harris
George Harris
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" Very professional. Brown Aerobic exceeded beyond my expectations and were highly dependable. When I called, they answered. "
Grace Hudson
Grace Hudson07/23/2020
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" I was calling all over Houston to find a company that could service my septic tank!! I was so relieved when Rashad answered my call! Cannot say how great this company is enough! Highly recommend. "
Tony Bastos
Tony Bastos10/19/2020
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" I didn't actually know there was a company out there that could provide me with all the septic services I need. I'm very pleased with there maintenance plans and the level of professionalism they provide. Brown Aerobic is the real deal! "

Septic Tank Repair in Houston, TX

The dependable personnel at Brown Aerobic Service Company are leading providers of septic tank repairs in Houston, TX. You can count on us to furnish prompt work and professional results and to accommodate your timeline as closely as possible when scheduling a service call to your location. Our team has a history of providing quality septic repair services on systems of all sizes, ages, and types. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and trust by performing excellent work at your home or commercial property.

The Importance of Modern Septic Systems

A septic system functions by employing naturally occurring bacteria to break down human waste. This process results in water that’s clean enough to be reintroduced to the natural environment. The main components of a simple septic system are the tank and the disposal field lines. Waste is first collected and processed in the tank. After the bacteria have had an opportunity to do their job, the water then passes into the field lines where it’s released in small batches across a large area. Simple septic systems generally operate by gravity flow with very few moving parts. More complex septic systems may include a second tank where additional treatment takes place as well as filters, pumps, and other devices that aid in the cleaning and movement of wastewater. In some cases, the native soil at a site is unsuitable for disposal, and a disposal mound using fill material must be constructed.

Call Brown Aerobic today for septic tank repair in Houston, TX: (281) 317-6103!

Common Septic System Problems

A few of the commonly encountered septic system problems that we deal with are:

  • General system failure due to improper design or installation practices
  • Failure due to system overload or abuse
  • Interruption of the waste digestion process by killing off necessary bacteria with strong chemicals or pharmaceuticals
  • Damage to the tank due to corrosion, age, or other factors
  • Damage to the disposal field lines from plant roots, heavy traffic, or digging
  • Failure or clogging of pumps, piping, and other components

Septic systems are designed to handle specific loads and are only capable of breaking down regular human waste. Disposing items other than human waste and septic-safe toilet paper into the system can lead to rapid failure. A home or business expansion can also increase the load on an existing system to the point where it fails. In addition, septic systems have an expected useful life after which they may become unreliable or cease to function and require immediate replacement.

Our Septic System Repair Process

Before doing anything else, our technicians will take the time to fully inspect your septic system. We’ll find and open the tank so that we can evaluate its functionality and locate the disposal field to determine if it’s doing its job properly. We’ll also discuss any issues that you’ve noticed in order to narrow down the problem. Once we’ve discovered exactly what’s wrong, we’ll go over our findings with you in detail. We’ll offer you as many repair options as possible in order to make sure our services fit your budget. We’ll then provide you with a complete estimate for any needed repairs or upgrades based upon our findings.

We value every customer’s time, so we’ll work quickly to make the repairs that are required to get your system working properly once again. We only use quality parts and components to carry out our work, and our team employs proven installation and repair techniques to achieve the results that our clients deserve. You can also expect us to keep our work area as tidy as possible and to completely clean up after ourselves when the job is finished.

Contact Us to Request Septic System Repair in Houston, TX

Don’t hesitate to call Brown Aerobic Service Company at (281) 317-6103 at the first sign of septic system troubles at your property. We’ll gladly schedule a time to send an experienced, fully licensed plumber to assess the problem and get started on any necessary septic tank repair in Houston, TX right away.

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