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Septic Services in Houston, TX

Brown Aerobic Service Company has been meeting the septic service needs of residents of Houston, TX and the surrounding areas for years. What was started as a locally owned and operated company founded on honesty, integrity, and quality work has turned into one of the most recognizable names in Houston, TX. Over the years, our plumbing services have grown considerably, and today, we offer much more than emergency septic repairs. Our technicians understand that your septic system in Houston, TX is one of the most important components of your home’s septic system and will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that it’s operating at its best.

Our Services

Brown Aerobic Service Company has developed a trusting relationship with our community by providing exclusive high quality septic services in Houston, TX. We are licensed and certified service technicians with years of experience that shows when we serve our customers.

All of our septic services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you’re looking for a reputable company to perform septic service in Houston, TX, look no further than Brown Aerobic Service Company. Call us today at (281) 317-6103 so that we can serve you. Our septic specialists will stop at nothing to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your services!

Septic Tank Repairs

There are plenty of signs that you need septic tank repair in Houston, TX. If you start noticing that your drains are taking longer to empty, water is backing up into your sinks and showers, or strange odors are coming out of your drains, you may have a problem with your septic tank in Houston, TX. Additionally, there are warning signs that you can find in your yard. If it hasn’t rained in quite some time but you still notice puddles of standing water in your yard, there may be some serious damage to your septic tank. Additionally, since the material in your septic tank is a natural fertilizer, it’s not uncommon for the grass around your septic tank to be greener or lusher if some of that material is coming out of your tank.

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Septic Tank Installation

Septic tank installation in Houston, TX isn’t as simple as digging a large hole and putting a septic tank into it. There are several factors that have to be considered, including the positioning of the tank and the pipes that flow from your home to the tank. If you’re building a new house, it’s important that you entrust your septic tank installation to the pros. Our technicians have the necessary tools and industry experience needed to ensure that your septic tank is correctly installed before you move into your new residence. Proper septic tank installation ensures that your plumbing system is in a position to operate the way it’s designed to.

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Septic Tank Replacement

Depending on the age of your existing septic tank, the extent of the damage, and its size, you may be better off scheduling septic tank replacement in Houston, TX. Replacing a septic tank is an even more serious task than installing a new one since it’s important that your old tank is removed the right way. Any mistakes when removing your old septic tank could lead to a sewage spill at your house that produces noxious odors and other issues. It’s crucial that you allow a professionally licensed team to handle the installation of your new septic system in Houston, TX

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Septic System Maintenance Contracts

With so many responsibilities, it can be difficult to remember to schedule maintenance for your home’s appliances and plumbing system. We understand that difficulty and offer septic system maintenance contracts in Houston, TX to help alleviate that pressure. When you sign up for a maintenance contract with Brown Aerobic, our plumbers are able to schedule you for the septic service in Houston, TX that you need. Customers who are a part of our maintenance contract program also receive priority service when they run into issues with their septic system. There are plenty of reasons to sign up for our automatic maintenance program, but none of them is as important as ensuring that your septic tank always operates as designed.

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Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

Septic tank pumping in Houston, TX is one of the most important parts of maximizing the lifespan of your septic tank. Your tank is designed to hold thousands of gallons of wastewater, human waste, food debris, and all the other materials that go through your home’s drains. Even with its size, your septic tank can fill up quickly. Fortunately, we offer septic tank pumping and cleaning, which allows us to safely remove the contents of your septic tank from your property, giving it a fresh start.

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Septic Tank Inspections and Certifications

A septic tank certification is a written document that states that your home’s septic system is operating as designed. In many cases, these certifications are required before you can build a new house or buy an existing property. Fortunately, we offer septic tank inspections in Houston, TX. These inspections are thorough and performed by one of our professionally licensed plumbers who know exactly what a septic tank should look like. It’s also important to note that we inspect more than the tank. The baffles, distribution box, and pipes leading to your septic tank are also carefully inspected before the system is certified as operational.

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Septic Tank Locating

Do you know where your septic tank is? Simply knowing that it’s outside isn’t good enough. It’s important that you know exactly where the tank is located on your property. This information will enable you to keep an eye out for warning signs of trouble. When you’re trying to determine the location of your tank, it’s important that you find a company that offers septic tank location as one of their septic services in Houston, TX. Our plumbers can use a micro transmitter that they flush down your toilet in order to determine the exact location. This transmitter sends a signal back to the plumber, who can then determine the exact location of your septic tank. Trust us for septic tank locating in Houston, TX.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Septic System

Think at the Sink:


Don't Overload the Commode:


Shield Your Field:


Don't Strain Your Drain:


Why Choose Brown Aerobic?

Many companies provide septic services in Houston, TX. However, not all companies are exclusively licensed and certified with years of experience to show for it. There are many reasons to call Brown Aerobic Service Company for your septic tank, here are just a few. 


We provide up front and honest prices to all of our customers


Locally owned and operated out of Houston, TX


All of our septic service specialists are licensed and certified


We are prepared to provide a full range of septic tank services


We strive to earn our customers complete satisfaction with their service


Our customers have provided their feedback with multiple 5 star reviews

Exclusive & reliable septic services in Houston, TX

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