4 Tips To Keep Your Septic System Healthy

Proper maintenance is the best insurance against an issue with your septic system. However, there are many simple things that homeowners don’t know or understand that could be helping or hurting their septic system’s function. For example, most people know that the system relies on bacteria to do part of the process. But they are not sure what the bacteria are responsible for or how essential they are to processing the waste. And that is why they do certain things that are very detrimental to the bacteria and the overall function of their septic system. The following four tips will help you ensure the health of the bacteria and the system to ensure fewer issues in the future.

Keep Chemicals Out Of The Septic System

Sulfates, paint thinners, bleach, cleaners, and sulfates are all harmful to the bacteria that are working to keep your septic system functioning. Never flush old chemicals or cleaners down the toilet or dump them down the drain. These items will severely disrupt the healthy balance of bacteria in the tank and result in what could be some very costly issues.

Invest In Septic System Additives

Adding a septic system bacteria additive each month is the best way to restore the proper balance of bacteria in your septic tank. These additives also include enzymes that help counteract the damage done by household cleaners and disinfectants in cleaning and bath products.

In addition, these additives will help to reduce the surface and bottom solids in the septic tank. These are the materials that must be pumped out of the tank regularly. Reducing the amount of these solids minimizes the frequency of pump-outs and the possibility of solids carrying into the leach field and creating a clog.

Finally, the additives introduce added bacteria that can be carried out into the leach field to prevent further clogs and other unpleasant issues related to solids in the leach field like foul odor and pest infestations.

Keep Garbage Out Of The Septic System

If you are on a septic system, you should never install a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. Any garbage introduced into the septic system will significantly increase the amount of solid waste in the tank. Regular use of a garbage disposal has been found to increase the amount of solids in the tank by 50%, meaning twice as many pump outs and the potential for many more clogs and other issues. And even when pumping out the tank annually, there are often many blockages and clogs that could have been avoided without the introduction of garbage into the tank.

Grease Is A No No!

Grease is never a good thing to have in your septic tank. It thickens the water and destroys the balance of healthy bacteria needed to reduce solids and clean the water. One of the biggest contributors to this problem is rinsing pots and pans with grease or used cooking oil. Homeowners with a septic system need to have a grease can or jar to eliminate washing this waste down the drain and into the septic tank. Your septic system pro will be quick to tell you that the majority of the clogs and other blockages they deal with occur because of grease in the septic tank.

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