Critical Hints From Your Septic Tank

Unless you have years and years of experience, it can be tough to know when it is time to pump out your septic tank. And if you have ever waited too long, you know that is a mistake that you never want to make again. But what you might not know is that waiting too long between service and tank cleaning can result in costly damage to your septic system. Remembering the following four hints from your septic system will help you make the right call at the right time.

Foul Smell

While you might think that the process going on in your septic tank would smell awful, there should be no odor when everything is working correctly. If you notice a lingering foul smell near your septic tank or leech field, then there is a problem. And the most common problem is a buildup of gas due to an overly full tank. As the level of the solid waste rises, the gas does come to the surface more readily. So at the first whiff of an unpleasant aroma, call the pros to pump out the tank and perform any necessary service.

Gurgling Sounds From Your Pipes

A bad smell is not the only sign of a full septic tank. So even if there is no odor, a constant gurgle can also be a good warning sign. These gurgles can also be accompanied by a few other unpleasant issues like a slow-to-flush toilet or a sink drain that is slow to clear. The gurgling is caused by a buildup in the septic tank’s airflow. And if the problem is not corrected quickly, it can cause severe damage to your septic system and leave you with a huge mess and some costly repair bills. At the first sign of a gurgle or any sound from your septic system, call in a professional to evaluate the noise and very likely pump out the tank.

You Can’t Flush

When you have to try several lever pulls to get your toilet to flush, there is a significant problem. Even if the flush is just slow or not what you would call a complete flush, something is wrong. And in almost every case, the culprit is a full septic tank. The problems with flushing could be accompanied by standing water in your shower or tub, odd noises, and the undesirable fragrance of human waste. But even if you are only experiencing difficulty getting your toilet to flush, call in a pro. Chances are, pumping out the septic tank will fix any issues you were experiencing.

Moisture Around The Tank

When you discover unusual moisture around your septic tank, you are in urgent need of professional help. The water is not just water. In most cases, this moisture is from your septic tank overflowing into your yard. You are likely to notice a terrible odor, bugs swarming, and issues with all of the drains and toilets in your home. Don’t let this contamination issue get out of hand. Make a fast call to your septic service for assistance.

With proper care, your home’s septic system can easily last for half a century. But when you continue to ignore the signs of trouble, that life expectancy drops very quickly. Clogs, flooding, and contamination are only the beginning of the situation you might be facing. Call (281) 317-6103 for assistance 24/7. The septic tank pros at Brown Aerobic Service Company are here to help you avoid a flood in your yard or a backup in your home. And all of our work comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee.