How To Keep Your Next Septic Service More Affordable

When it comes to septic systems, service and pump-out visits can be expensive. But there is nothing worse for your septic system and your wallet than trying to wait until the last possible minute for septic service and to pump out the tank. So to make the process less stressful and costly, we have compiled three tips that will help keep the cost and potential for issues as low as possible.

Be Proactive

If you wait until you have a severe problem, the cost is going to be higher than if you schedule service as the first sign of a hiccup. The biggest secret to an affordable septic system is maintaining good health all the time. Don’t ignore the health of the bacteria in the tank or the items you are washing down the drain, and then wonder why your septic service call is expensive.

Think of your septic system as you would a vehicle. Regular service and tune-ups go a long way to prolonging the life and reliability of the car. The same is true for your home’s septic tank and leach field. Protecting the health of the essential bacteria, using bacteria and enzyme additives, and avoiding clogs and overflows are all the regular care tasks that will keep the system processing waste without any costly issues.

Be Careful What You Flush

There are many items that should never find their way into your home’s septic system. First, know that there is no substitute for septic-safe toilet paper. Moist wipes, baby wipes, paper towels, and tissues are all going to wad up into a ball and create a costly clog and could result in sewage backing up into your home. Or you might be facing an expensive water jet cleaning of the tank and leach field to remove the clog.

Other no-no’s include items that will harm the health of the bacteria that are working to keep your septic system functioning. The list is substantial but includes things like grease, oil, chemicals, bleach, and other cleaning products designed to wipe out bacteria. It is also important to eliminate items with a high phosphorus content like laundry detergent. When shopping for household cleaning products, check the label to see if the product is “septic safe.” Finally, be aware that gasoline and other petroleum-based products are harmful to the delicate balance inside the septic system. Avoid spills or dumping of these products into a drain line or the soil near the leach field or lid to the septic tank.

Make The Cleanout Access Simple

If your septic service person has to dig around to locate and excavate the cover for your septic tank, the job will take more time and cost you more money. Instead, have the area free of debris and the access hatch easy to open so that the cleanout can begin as soon as your septic pro arrives. If your access lid is below grade, you can purchase an extension that will make it easy to locate the lid and prevent dirt and debris from settling in on the lid and making it harder to open.

It is also important to call and schedule an appointment before the tank is overflowing. Overflowing will wreak havoc on the tank’s balance. And second, your service person will not appreciate wading into the sewage to begin the pump-out process.

For more information about protecting the balance of your septic tank to keep your service costs down, call (281) 317-6103. The experts at Brown Aerobic Service Company are here to answer any questions you might have and provide quality septic system service at a very fair price.