Understanding The Helpful Hints From Your Septic System

If you have recently moved into a Houston home with a septic system, you could be feeling a little intimidated by this somewhat new system. However, with a bit of education and explanation of the system, you are sure to discover that owning and successfully using a septic system is not as challenging as you first thought it might be. In many cases, you just need a little explanation of the hints that the system is giving you to know exactly how to react, whom to call, or what to do to keep the system functioning perfectly.

A Foul Odor

When you first think of a septic system, you might imagine it to smell much like one of those awful porta-potty boxes you encounter at the fair. However, if your septic system is operating correctly, there should never be any unpleasant odor lingering near the tank. If you do get a whiff of something foul, it is often due to sewage gas buildup. And that rank fragrance is your hint to call for a tank pump out. Only when the tank is overly full will the gases begin to escape at the cap of the septic tank.

Gurgling Pipes

A foul odor around your septic tank is not the only indication of a full tank. If you hear a constant gurgling sound, beware that the tank is full and liquid is backing up in the pipes. You could also find that your toilets are not flushing correctly or completely. If you do not have the tank pumped out quickly, you are likely to be facing a flood of sewage and severe harm to the bacteria and function of the septic system.

The Toilet Does Not Flush At All

Few things are as alarming as a toilet that will not flush. Unfortunately, you always discover this bot of information when it is too late. When the septic tank is overly full, it can have severe flushing issues because there is no air gap in the tank, creating a vacuum. Upon careful inspection, you could also find liquid coming up from the drain in the lowest tub, shower, or sink in your home. This is the sign of a crisis that requires an immediate call for an emergency septic tank pump out. If you do not have the tank pumped out quickly, it could overflow, create costly clogs in your leach pipes, and flood your home with raw sewage. There is also a good possibility that the flood of sewage will have harmed the bacteria in the tank, and you could find that they need to be replenished.

With proper care and service, a septic system should provide reliable service for well over 50 years. But the key to this longevity is knowing when you need to have the tank pumped out, serviced, or cleaned. Call (281) 317-6103 to schedule service or a pump out with the experts at Brown Aerobic Service Company. We are here 24/7 to handle any emergency you could be facing.