6 Ways to Tell It’s Time to Replace Your Septic Tank

Your septic tank is one of the most crucial components in your septic system. It should be pumped every few years to continue functioning properly and extend its life. Even if your septic system is properly maintained, eventually your tank will require replacement. A damaged or improperly functioning tank can cause serious damage to your home and property. Here are six signs that it’s time to install a new septic tank to prevent further damage and reduce your repair bill.

1. Unexplained Standing Water

While the Houston, Spring, Katy, and Cypress, Texas, areas can experience heavy rains, standing water not related to these rains or other known conditions could be caused by a defective septic tank. When this happens, the tank is usually percolating and the ground is unable to absorb the water leaving the septic tank. The standing water is most likely contaminated and is considered a health hazard. It can also further damage your septic tank.

2. Strange Odors

If you have a sewage odor around your property, this is a good indication that your septic tank has reached its maximum capacity or is malfunctioning. This smell is usually extremely unpleasant and should be addressed immediately.

3. Reduced Flow

A reduced flow in your water signals that your septic tank is damaged or overflowing. It is important to remember that all the drains and toilets in your house connect to the septic tank. If your septic tank is not functioning properly, they will be slow or show signs of clogging.

4. Sewage Backup

Sewage backup in your drains or toilets is one of the key signs that your septic tank is full. This issue will not resolve itself and will only get worse, leading to further damage and expensive repairs.

5. Strange Patches in Your Lawn

If you have strange patches of discolored grass in your lawn, they indicate that your septic tank is failing. The grass will grow greener in the areas of the septic leak because the sewage is similar to fertilizer. Your lawn can have the appearance of a patchwork quilt or blanket. While some areas of the grass may look bright green and healthy, this is a very unsanitary situation, and you need to call a professional right away.

6. Weird Noises Near Your Septic Tank

If you start to notice strange noises near your septic tank, this could be a sign that it’s damaged or not functioning properly. These noises could be hissing, popping, or bubbling sounds. Any unexplained noises should be checked immediately.

The signs above are good indications that your septic tank is not functioning properly and could require replacement. If you are experiencing any of these problems or require any type of septic service, contact our specialists at Brown Aerobic Septic Specialists in Houston today.