Engineer take water from wastewater treatment pond to check the quality of the water. After going through the wastewater treatment process

Why You Need Septic System Pumping Services

Septic systems are designed to treat domestic sewage before it reaches local waterways, lakes, or streams. These systems typically consist of an underground tank or chamber with an aeration basin and a drain field where the wastewater is pumped. Pumping is part of a regular maintenance process.

How Does Septic System Pumping Work?

This process requires the contractor to locate your home’s main sewer line. The septic specialist can insert their equipment into the sewer line and pump the wastewater from the tank or chamber. The wastewater is expelled into the ground in a large area and filtered through layers of gravel, soil, and a drain field.

Why Is Septic System Pumping Important?

A poorly operating septic can cause foul odors to develop in the area, contaminate nearby streams and rivers with wastewater, contribute to poor water quality, and increase the possibility of a sewage backup. A reputable agent will thoroughly inspect the septic system and pump station before pumping the wastewater. They will also offer solutions to problems and suggest maintenance services to ensure your septic system works optimally. The pumping process is meant to keep your septic system functioning and protect your environment.

When Do I Need Septic System Pumping Services?

Your septic system should be pumped every three to five years. Your contractor will inspect the septic system to determine the frequency required. If you notice foul smells or see water draining from the manholes, you need to schedule an appointment for septic pumping services immediately. High water usage, heavy rains, blockages, or leaks from a sewer line typically cause this.

Other factors that indicate your septic system may malfunction include polluted water, discolored water, poor drainage, and sewage backup in the yard or home. Depending on the problems, it is often necessary to pump the wastewater more than once to remedy the issues.

Before engaging a contractor, check their references and confirm they are a certified professional who follows local and state guidelines. They should also be insured and have a standard operating procedure.

Tips to Properly Maintain Your Septic System

Avoid overloading septic systems by limiting water usage and preventing large amounts of solids from going into the system. Close off manhole and drain field openings to prevent waste from entering the system. Do not pour any chemicals into your septic system or allow pets to defecate within 10 feet of its location to avoid water contamination. Contact a licensed contractor or a septic service company for assistance in maintaining your septic system.

Septic systems are a powerful and effective solution to waste management, but they require regular maintenance. Septic pumping and cleaning services help prevent sewage backups, blockages, and odors. Contact Brown Aerobic if you need septic tank pumping services in Houston, TX. Our trained technicians are familiar with all types of septic systems and are trained to diagnose and deal with all problems, from minor maintenance projects to major repairs.