Image of a compact septic tank grease trap for home use

What Your Septic System Needs This Fall

Winter is not usually a huge concern for sewer and septic systems in the southern US, but it only takes a few days of freezing temperatures to change that. Fall is the right season for a lot of types of professional maintenance around a property, and septic care is one of them. Taking the time to inspect the infrastructure, employ preventative measures, and get professional servicing when needed is the only way to really get your system ready for the winter ahead.

Ensure Easy Access

Since most septic tanks only need to be directly serviced and pumped every couple years, it is easy to forget that access points need to be clear. Make sure that vehicles are parked well away from this area as well as other outdoor objects and structures. This makes it easier to get to the tank for emergency services if a problem does arise and helps keep the tank safe from too much downward pressure.

Insulate the Septic System

Properties in locations that can see sub-freezing temperatures need to have some kind of insulation around the septic tank. This can take the form of natural ground cover left from the fall or blankets specially made for the task. All homes and businesses should winterize their plumbing in general, especially if they have outdoor connections. Pipes running through additions, crawlspaces, outdoor buildings, or other uninsulated structures may need additional protection from the cold.

Be Responsible About Water Use

Septic tanks have a limited volume, and the more you put them to work, the more likely they are to develop issues. That is why any good septic maintenance plan should include leak detention inside the building and taking steps to ensure responsible water use. All the liquid from a dripping faucet or running toilet is draining into the sewer lines, which translates into a lot of unnecessary septic use and general expense.

Get Septic Help When You Need It

The single most important tip for maintaining your septic system is to seek out responsible and reliable professionals at the right time. Any signs of a chronic or serious septic issue should be investigated and addressed immediately. Dealing with a small problem now can help you avoid a big one in a few months.

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