Pumping out a home septic tank

Tips for Keeping Your Septic System in Optimal Shape

Maintaining your septic system is not complicated. All you must do is follow some simple tips to ensure your septic system remains in optimal shape so you can avoid problems, such as major flooding. There is a risk of flooding in Houston, TX since this area receives an ample amount of rainfall throughout the year; however, you do not want to increase your chances of experiencing flooding by failing to maintain your septic system. Here are some tips to make certain that your septic system continues to do its job effectively and efficiently.

Have Your System Inspected and Pumped Frequently

Septic systems are in use constantly. As your household is going through their daily activities, large volumes of water and waste products are going through your system. To ensure your septic system remains in tiptop shape, it is highly recommended that you have your septic system pumped and inspected every three to five years. Sometimes, your system may need to be pumped and inspected more often than what is recommended. This depends on a wide range of factors. The size of your household and the type of system you have are just a couple of the factors that will determine how often your system must be pumped and inspected.

Avoid Wasting Water

Another way to maintain your septic system is to avoid wasting water. The less water that goes through your septic system, the less chances of it failing. We recommend that you and your family only use water when it is absolutely needed and practice conservation. Also, call a plumber to inspect for leaks as there are silent leaks you will not necessarily see. You should also have leaks fixed quickly.

Dispose of Your Waste Properly

To keep your septic system in decent shape, dispose of all waste properly. Do not treat your toilets and drains like trash cans. Only flush toilet paper and human waste down your toilets. Do not flush wipes, paper towels, cat litter, tampons or sanitary napkins. Also, do not pour oils, food, grease, paints and toxic substances down your drains. Additionally, avoid using drain cleaners if you are contending with clogs. To remove clogs, use drain snakes or boiling water. If that does not work, contact a plumber for help.

Keep Your Drainfields Well Maintained

The drainfield is an important part of your septic system. The drainfield removes all contaminants from the liquid that comes from your septic tank. To maintain your drainfield, plant trees and other plants a safe distance away so roots will not grow into your septic system and cause damage. Do not drive or park vehicles over your drainfield, and make sure other drainage systems are not close by.

If it has been some time since you had your septic system pumped and inspected, contact Brown Aerobic. We will thoroughly clean and inspect your system and advise you of any problems that are present. If we find anything wrong, we will collaborate with you to get everything fixed so your system remains functional for a long time to come.