Simple Ways To Protect The Health Of Your Septic System

When your home uses a septic system rather than a municipal sewer system, you are responsible for maintaining and servicing the tank and other components. However, when you find the ideal balance and keep the system healthy, it can be easy to forget about it altogether. It functions perfectly, and you never need to worry about anything other than being careful about what you flush and wash down the drains in your home.

While many first-time septic system owners struggle and feel intimidated by a septic tank, they are not that difficult to manage with a few tips from a reliable professional. It is also important to remember that when you have guests, they might not be aware of some of the daily use tips that you take for granted after living with a septic system for a few months. So be sure that everyone knows the dos and don’ts of proper septic system use.

Some Septic System Saving Tips

  • ALWAYS use biodegradable toilet paper- look for the words SEPTIC SAFE on the label and avoid all other types of toilet paper to avoid costly clogs
  • Be sure to have a trashcan in the bathroom to dispose of anything that should not be flushed. Placing small bags or baggies near the trashcan for more private disposal is a great way to get guests on board with the rules of living with a septic system.
  • Minor septic system problems never remain small for very long. At the first sign of an issue, call in a professional for help. Addressing these little bumps in the road is the only way to ensure that you will not be spending far more money in the future to fix a more complex and costly problem. This includes any areas where you suspect a leak but are not sure. Be proactive and know that even if there is no leak, you can learn more about your septic system from your professional service person and hopefully understand the issue more the next time it arises.
  • You can flood your septic system with too much water. So avoid multiple flushes and other excessive water usages that will overwhelm the tank and system. In the case of doing laundry, wash one load each day rather than doing multiple loads back to back. This system allows the septic system time to process the water without flooding issues. If you discover a leaking toilet or other water fixture leak in your home, fix it immediately to avoid inadvertently flooding the tank and harming the bacteria or killing them.
  • Beware of cleaning products that are disinfectants and kill bacteria. Remember that your septic tank functions because of the work of desirable bacteria. So if you are flooding the tank with cleaning products and disinfectants, you could be killing the bacteria that you are counting on to keep your septic system functioning. In many cases, you will find natural products that can be used in place of commercial chemical cleaners that will do the job without doing in the bacteria in your septic tank.
  • Professional inspections are the best way to ensure that your septic tank is healthy and functioning correctly. Until you are familiar with the system, invest in regular septic system inspections to ensure that you get off on the right path with your new home’s septic system.

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