Septic tank cover underground waste treatment system

Signs Your Septic System Needs Urgent Repairs

One of the most important things about owning a residential property or home is ensuring that the plumbing and sewage systems keep running smoothly. Your home’s septic system is responsible for collecting wastewater and sewage and allowing it to decompose naturally. A properly functioning septic system is vital to keeping your residence healthy, and it plays a significant role in safeguarding the environment. It’s vital to keep an eye on it to prevent catastrophic messes on your Houston property. Here are some telltale signs your septic system needs emergency repairs.

Pools of Water

Although standing water in your yard may not necessarily mean your septic system is at fault, it’s worth getting an expert to take a look. Pools of water can indicate that your system is not disposing of wastewater as it should. They can also mean that your drain piping or septic tank is in trouble. Getting a septic system inspection can help you solve the problem and eliminate all your concerns.


A full or damaged septic tank may have problems accepting waste and dirty water as it ought to do. If your toilets are backing up when they are not clogged, the problem might originate from your septic tank. You may also notice sewage backing up into your tubs, showers, floor drains, and sinks if your septic system has problems.

Slow Draining

Many people attribute slow draining in a sink, bathtub, or shower to a clog. With a septic system, slow draining means more than it would with a public sewer system. Slow drains can indicate a problem with the septic outflow pipe or a backup within the septic tank. If you notice this problem in more than one toilet, sink, or drain, you might be dealing with a septic tank issue that needs urgent attention.

Uneven Lawn Health

The grass on your drain field should be the same as the other parts of your lawn if your septic system is functioning well. However, if you notice some patches are thriving better than the rest or have completely died, you may be dealing with septic issues. Lawn-health changes can occur when wastewater gets concentrated under some patches of grass, altering soil nutrients and moisture.

Unpleasant Odors

Many septic system problems are easy to notice because they manifest with awful odors right from the beginning. Septic odors may smell like rotten eggs, human waste, or unpleasant mustiness. When they are working properly, septic systems are usually clean and do not emit unpleasant smells. Therefore, you should schedule a service with your plumbing contractor if you notice persistent septic smells near your drains or in your yard.

It’s important to keep your home’s septic system working properly to prevent messes and even loss of property. If you notice any of these signs of septic damage, contact Brown Aerobic immediately to schedule a septic system inspection and maintenance.