Opened unsecured sewer manhole of rural septic tank with green plastic cover

Reasons You Need Septic Drain Field Maintenance

The septic drain field refers to the subterranean region where wastewater filters through the soil before reaching the groundwater. Like the rest of your septic system, the drain field requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure it functions correctly. A drain field that isn’t maintained regularly runs the danger of becoming clogged or failing, resulting in untreated wastewater escaping from the drain field region and potentially posing severe health risks if it enters the surrounding environment.

Contrary to popular belief, maintenance is more than merely calling someone out when there are issues; it also includes frequent inspections to identify any emerging issues before they become major. The professionals will inspect the pipes for leaks and other damage, as well as the drainage systems, to ensure that no roots are growing into and blocking the pipes. They will also look for rust and corrosion on metal parts like pumps and pipelines, which may lead to expensive repairs down the line. Here are some reasons why regular maintenance should be done.

Health Concerns

While solid waste is kept in the septic tank, the septic drain fields remove harmful microorganisms from household wastewater using natural processes, such as filtering the water over a bed of sand. However, if the sand bed is not correctly maintained or the soil is compacted, wastewater will not filter properly. This leads to unpleasant odors and could result in sewage residue on your property. Mosquitoes, flies, and other insects may be drawn to your yard if it is not well maintained.

If the drain field is blocked, water can pool above the ground. If this happens near or beneath your home’s foundation, it may harm the plants in the area and weaken the structure.

Cost Savings

As with any major appliance in your home, maintaining your septic system can avoid bigger, more expensive problems down the road. In some areas, regular maintenance is required, and signing up for a maintenance contract relieves you of the burden of having to remember to schedule this vital service.

During a maintenance visit, a plumber will locate the septic tank and open it. After a visual inspection they will remove sludge and solid waste from the tank. They follow this with inspecting pipes and drains for damage and clogs. They will also inspect the drain bed and drain field to catch any budding problems.

If you need septic maintenance service in the Houston, TX area, contact Brown Aerobic Service Company today. Our technicians can ensure your system is working properly and perform necessary repairs. We can also install a new system or replace an inefficient or antiquated system.