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Learn How to Protect Your Septic System in Cold Winter Months

Septic tank repairs can be costly and bring your household to a halt quickly. Winter months are especially hard on your plumbing system and can affect your septic tank. Taking a few precautions to prepare your septic tank for winter can help save your system from a major cold-weather breakdown.

Can a Septic Tank System Freeze in Winter?

Typically, septic tank systems will not freeze if water is consistently flowing through them. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that water is being used often and that some of that water is warm.

Cover Your Septic Tank

Covering your septic tank in winter can add an extra layer of protection and warmth to make it through the cold winter months. Tanks can be covered with mulch, pea gravel and removable stones. Remember, you will need to be able to easily remove whatever you have covered the tank with when it comes time to pump it out.

Pump Your Tank Before Winter

Scheduling a septic tank pumping in the fall is a great way to prepare your system for winter. Going into colder months with a clean tank will help it function better in the cold. Scheduling an appointment in the fall will get you ahead of the rush for winter appointments.

Make Sure Your System Is Insulated

Fully insulating your septic system will help to prevent freezing pipes and other winter issues. Replacing existing pipes with insulated pipes is an easy first step to protect your tank.

Don’t Leave Your Septic Tank for an Extended Time

If you are planning a winter vacation, be sure to have someone check on your tank while you are gone. Leaving your home with no water running thorough your septic system in freezing temperatures can put your tank at risk. Having someone come to your home and run warm water through your pipes can help to protect your septic tank from freezing.

Keep Vehicles Off the Septic Tank Area

While this is a good practice all year long, keeping vehicles from driving over the septic tank and drain field is especially important in cold months. Frozen pipes are more susceptible to cracking or even breaking. Keeping heavy cars off the tank is one of the best defenses against a problem.

Professional Service When You Need It Most

If your septic tank system does freeze during the winter, call our experienced plumbers as soon as possible. At Brown Aerobic, we take pride in the service offered to our clients in the Houston area, and we’ll work hard to make sure your septic issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today!