sewer manhole on a septic tank

Important Safety Tips to Minimize Dangers Around Septic Tanks

Septic tanks require regular maintenance and monitoring for long-term performance, stability, and safety. Septic systems can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with specific safety precautions. Homeowners should never attempt to maintain, repair, or replace their septic system due to the serious risks involved. The fundamental tips below will help improve septic tank safety.

Septic Tank Design Knowledge

Septic system structure knowledge is critical in preventing unsafe situations. An example would be a person walking into areas that they shouldn’t. It is important to keep and evaluate the original design plans of your system so you know which areas to avoid. If you no longer have the plans or are unsure of how to interpret them, a local plumbing professional can assist you.

It is important to note that most injuries or safety incidents occur near the tank. A common accident involves opening the tank cover and falling in or inhaling dangerous fumes. The tank cover location and any other dangerous areas should always be marked and avoided.

Minimize Fire and Explosion Risks

Septic tanks have high levels of methane gas due to waste decomposition. This gas is very combustible. Open flames of any sort should be avoided when near your septic system. Smoking should also be prohibited. These things should be avoided even when the system is closed because there could be leaks or other problems that you are unaware of. It only takes one spark to set off an explosion, which could have devastating consequences. If you must go near your septic system during hours of darkness, always use a flashlight.

Isolate Dangerous Areas

If you discover problems with your septic system, those areas should be isolated and avoided until repaired. Never attempt to further evaluate the problem or do any DIY repairs. Instead, contact a professional to assess the problem. Some typical dangers related to septic systems include cesspools, damaged tank covers, and collapsed tanks.

Follow Safety Practices

When around or working on septic systems, always follow established safety standards to avoid dangerous situations. Avoid being around a septic tank alone because the toxic fumes can quickly overwhelm you and lead to unconsciousness. Anyone working on a septic system should have the proper breathing and protective gear. Septic tank ventilation is crucial to minimize methane gas build-up. Ensure that there are no obstructions that limit septic tank airflow. If you witness someone fall into your septic tank, do not attempt to rescue them if you do not have the proper gear and are trained to do so. Otherwise, you could put yourself in danger as well. Instead, immediately call emergency services.

When you are around your septic system, it is important to follow all of the safety tips above. This will help prevent accidents and keep your system functioning properly. If you are a resident of Houston, TX and require a septic tank replacement, contact Brown Aerobic today.