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5 Tips to Keep Your Septic Tank in Good Condition

Many of the properties in Houston, Texas have a septic tank as opposed to a standard water waste disposal arrangement. To ensure it continues to function properly, the septic tank requires different care and maintenance than a traditional plumbing system does. There are a few important tips to follow to keep your septic tank in great shape in the coming years.

1. Schedule an Inspection

Every three years, enlist a professional from a business such as Brown Aerobic Service Company to inspect the septic tank and determine if any potential issues have started to develop. Professionals can also pump the tank on an average of every three to five years. If your tank has any mechanical components or an electric float switch, schedule an inspection once a year.

2. Be Efficient With Your Water Usage

If too much water is in use on your property, it can put excess strain on the septic tank. It’s important to conserve and limit your water usage each day by installing high-efficiency toilets, using high-efficiency showerheads, and washing smaller loads of laundry throughout the week. Not only will you save more money, but this strategy will also avoid premature wear and tear on your septic tank.

3. Don’t Toss Trash Down the Drain

Many people make the mistake of flushing trash down the toilet or drain, which quickly leads to clogs. Never flush or pour out grease, cooking oil, cat litter, paper towels, flushable wipes, dental floss, or coffee grounds. If you have a clogged drain, avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals, which can break down the living organisms in the septic system that are responsible for treating your waste.

4. Respect the Drain Field

There are a few habits to adopt that will protect your drain field and help to avoid septic tank issues. Always park cars at a distance from the drain field, and keep trees at least 100 feet away to prevent the roots from having contact with the tank. All rainwater drainage systems should also be a safe distance from the drain field in the yard.

5. Keep Thorough Maintenance Records

Keeping thorough maintenance records will allow you to stay up to date on the future maintenance that needs to be performed. When you’re working with professionals, it will allow them to determine what type of work has already been done on the tank and what issues might have developed if you’ve failed to perform certain tasks in the past.

Feel free to reach out to our team at Brown Aerobic Service Company to learn more about how to maintain your septic tank over time. We can assist you by providing maintenance to your system so you avoid potential issues in the future. Call us today for an appointment.