5 Big Benefits To Regular Septic Tank Cleaning

It can be very easy to forget that your home uses a septic system. Especially if this is the first time you have lived in a home without city sewage. But like any of the systems in your home, a septic system needs some regular care and TLC. After all, you ask a lot of the system. And if you can provide a little maintenance to ensure that every time you flush the toilet, it works like a champ, why not by that kind of peace of mind? Remember, addressing a small problem is always cheaper than waiting until there is a major malfunction. So look at your septic system service as an excellent investment and appreciate these five benefits.

The Environmental Benefit

If you provide routine care and service for your septic system, there is little chance for it to develop problems or damage that will cause it to leak or overflow. And that is a great help to your local environment and water table. Each time there is a leak or overflow, your septic tank contaminates the soil and groundwater with human waste from the sludge that should be pumped from the tank. And as a bonus, you will not be dealing with the nasty odor from a sewage overflow or leak in your yard.

A Longer Life Expectancy

A septic system can continue to provide reliable service for over fifty years with proper care and cleaning. But when you neglect that small amount of service and maintenance, you are taking years off the system’s life. The routine cleaning of the system removes solid waste that will eventually create clogs. Also, cleaning the pipes helps to increase the soil absorption for better performance of the septic system.

Increased Efficiency

Just like a tune-up for your car’s engine, a little service from time to time will keep your septic system operating more efficiently. A system cleaning and service keeps everything working at its peak by removing partial clogs and foreign objects. And when everything is working correctly, you know that you will not be making any emergency calls in the middle of the night when you have sewage backing up into your home.

Saves Money

Preventative care is a wise investment in most of the systems of your home. But none might be as crucial as your septic system. When it fails, you face a repair bill and, in most cases, some severe decontamination and cleaning costs. Most homeowners are happier to spend the smaller, scheduled amount on preventing a mess than the sudden and unexpected expense to repair and clean up the mess.

Protect Your Family

No one wants to think about raw sewage flowing through their property. But that is what happens when your septic system malfunctions. You could have a leak of sewage or an overflow that is contaminating your soil and water. And it is also in the grass where your children are playing. This creates an opportunity for your children or pets to become ill from contact with the bacteria in human waste. Even if they are not playing in the contamination, there will be increases insect and rodent activity that poses an additional risk to your children and pets.

There is no reason to be concerned about septic system-related hazards or illnesses if you follow your septic system professionals recommended service interval. If you are unsure about when your tank needs service, or are having an issue with it, call (281) 317-6103. The pros from Brown Aerobic Service Company will arrive quickly to access the tank and system and provide any required service.