4 Vital Warning Signs It Is Time To Empty Your Septic Tank

Unless you have lived in your Houston home for years and master monitoring your septic tank, it can be challenging to know when it is time to call and schedule an appointment to have the tank pumped out. In most cases, that job is only required once every few years. But there are some factors that can alter the typical cycle. And when you do have an odd year or make some changes around the house that impact the amount of waste and water generated, it is essential that you know the signs of a full septic tank.

Please keep in mind that these four signs should be viewed as a final warning before a catastrophe. If you have a regular cycle for pumping out the tank, never delay the pump out to wait for these indications to appear because then time is of the essence. And there could be substantial and costly damage to your septic system. You will certainly find yourself paying more for emergency service to avoid a nasty mess and expensive damage to the health of your septic system.

What Is That Awful Smell?

You should never notice an unpleasant odor around your septic tank. When the tank is functioning correctly, there will be no stench or gases accumulating that create an undesirable area of your yard. However, if you smell something awful near the septic tank, there are likely to be gases coming from the tank, which indicates a severe problem. In most cases, the waste is too near the top of the tank, and it needs to be pumped out immediately.

The Pipes Are Gurgling

There is a problem if you hear any gurgling sounds when you flush a toilet or drain a sink. The tank capacity should be more than enough to handle any flush or sink full of water. However, when you hear gurgling sounds, the water is backing up into the pipes and could result in a nasty flood of raw sewage in your home. At the first sign of noise in your septic lines, call for emergency service and get that tank pumped out before it floods or the solid waste begins to damage or destroy your leach field piping.

Toilets Do Not Flush Properly

You should be able to easily recognize any changes in the the way your home’s toilet flush. If they become slower to flush, do not flush completely, or there are odd noises and gurgles, call for emergency septic service. The gurgling is a strong indication that the tank is too full and backing up into the septic lines. If you do not have the tank pumped out immediately, you are likely to have a flood of raw sewage in your home, yard, or both.

Standing Water In Your Yard

If you notice an unusual pool of water near your septic tank, there is an issue. In most cases, the tank contains too much solid waste, and it is now blocking the pipes that leach out the liquid. With no other way to exit the tank when you introduce more water from your home, the tank is literally overflowing water and dirty water. You could also notice an influx of bugs and other pests in the area that are interested in the flood of wastewater. Call for an emergency pump out to prevent further damage to your septic system.

When you notice any of these critical warning signs, call (281) 317-6103. The experts at Brown Aerobic Service Company are here 24/7 to assist with all types of emergencies related to your home’s septic system, from clogs to overly full tanks and repairs.