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4 Awful Problems Caused by a Septic Blockage

A blockage in your home’s septic system can be a devastating and expensive issue if not handled quickly and carefully. A blockage prevents the system from moving sewage away from the home safely and efficiently, putting both your family and your finances at risk. Here are four of the most troublesome problems that can result from a septic blockage.

1. Sewage Backs Up Into Your Home

A sewage backup in the home is a gross health hazard that can be difficult to remedy correctly. If you notice that sewage is backing up in your drains or your toilets, schedule a professional septic tank inspection as quickly as possible to get any issues fixed before the sewage backup begins to overflow and spill into your home. Any items that are contaminated by sewage are often destroyed due to the health risks associated with handling contaminated items.

2. Noxious Odors Fill Your Home

A blockage in the septic system can also result in noxious sewage gases coming into the home. These gases smell very bad and can permeate fabrics and other materials in the home with their foul odors. These gases are also hazardous to your health, creating problems that can include difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and dizziness. Smelling gas in the home is not normal and is a clear indication of a problem with the septic system.

3. Soggy Spots Appear in the Yard

A septic blockage can cause leaks and ruptured pipes away from the home, with the sewage leaking into the yard instead of backing up into the home. One sign of leakage underground is soggy areas in the yard that cannot be explained by rain or water drainage. These areas tend to smell terrible and can collapse if the leak continues. Soggy areas should be inspected by a trained septic system technician who can help you formulate a plan for resolving the issue.

4. Unusually Lush Areas Appear in the Yard

While lush grass is usually a good sign here in Houston, TX, unusually lush greenery in one area of the yard can spell trouble, especially if that extra-lush area is near the septic tank. The wastewater carried by the septic system is a potent fertilizer for grass and other plants, so a leak from the system can cause the plants there to grow faster and fuller than the rest of the yard. If you suspect a sewage leak is responsible, a professional septic tank inspection will identify the problem so you can determine what steps to take next.

The best way to avoid the problems associated with a septic blockage is to have your septic system inspected, cleaned, and maintained on a regular schedule. At Brown Aerobic Service Company, our technicians have the training, expertise, and equipment to help you with all of your septic system needs. If you would like some help or advice on your septic system, contact us today at (281) 317-6103.