3 Ways Regular Septic Tank Maintenance Can Save You Money

A well-maintained septic tank can not only ensure that waste properly leaves your home, but it can also save you significant amounts of money. Here are three ways routine septic maintenance can help you save money.

1. Will Not Have to Worry About Early Septic System Replacement

If you keep your septic tank on a maintenance schedule, you can expect it to last between 20 and 30 years. If your septic tank is constructed of concrete, it can last even longer. Failure to maintain your septic tank, on the other hand, will cause you to have to replace your system much sooner, which can set you back several thousands of dollars. The average cost of a septic tank replacement is going to cost you anywhere between $5000 and $15,000, depending on the type and size of tank that you need. Factors that go into choosing the type of septic system you need include the size of your household and how often you use your utilities. Spending between $200 and $500 to schedule maintenance every three to five years is far cheaper.

2. Save on Medical Costs

Untreated wastewater contains several pathogens and contaminants that can cause severe illness. When your septic system is not properly maintained, it will not be able to treat wastewater in a manner that is necessary for maintaining optimal health. When untreated wastewater seeps into the environment, you and your loved ones are at risk of developing illnesses, such as gastrointestinal conditions, parasites, eye infections, ear infections, and organ failure. Long-term exposure can be fatal.

To recover from such serious illnesses, you will have to pay quite a bit of money going in and out of the hospital. Even if you have a good health insurance plan that offers top-notch coverage, you must keep in mind that you will still have a deductible to pay along with co-pays. Treating health conditions quickly adds up and will cost you far more than what you would pay for regular septic tank maintenance.

3. Will Not Have to Spend Money for Constant Repairs

If you fail to maintain your septic tank, you are at risk of contending with sewage backups that can damage your home. You will not only have to pay to clean up raw sewage, but you will also have to pay to repair any property damage that results when the backup occurs. Depending on how severe a sewage backup is, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000.

Plumbers recommend that you have your septic system inspected every one to three years and schedule service calls for pumping your tank every three to five years. To save money and ensure your Houston, TX home remains a healthy place to live, call Brown Aerobic to schedule a septic tank maintenance service call. We offer inspection, maintenance, replacement, and installation services.