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Frequnently Asked Questions
Q. How often should my tanks be pumped out?

A. The Texas Commission on Environmetal Quality (TCEQ) recommends pumping systems every 3-5 years. This frequency is dependant upon the number of persons using the system as well as their lifestyle.

Q. What type of chlorine should I use for watewater disinfection?

A. Disinfection is required for secondarily treated wastewater effluent. Its important to use a chlorine tablet that is made from calcium hypochlorite and is certified for wastewater disinfection by the EPA. Alternativley liquid bleach made from sodium hypochlorite is approved for disinfection of wastewater. Follow all warning and precaution statements of the chlorine tablet and bleach manufactuer to protect yourself and the system.

Q. Can I use swimming pool tablets in my system for disinfection?

A. NO, DO NOT use swimming pool tablets in your system. Do not mix pool tablets with calcim hypochorite chlorine tablets. Pool tablets are not designed for watewater systems and can damage your system.

Q. What should I do if the system alarm sounds, a drain line is backing up, puddles of water always on the ground or the presense of strong septic odors?

A. Call BROWN AEROBIC NOW, because these problems could damage the system or harm the environment.

Keep grass trimmed around tanks and disposal field for easy access. Keep scrubs trimmed !
Control fire ants around system and electrical components. Perform regular site checks.
Maintain the chlorinator on a regular basis.(Add bleach or approved chlorine tablets)
Put any harmful chemicals into the system.
Flush seeds or other foreign material that will not break down and possibly clog the drain line.
Don't overload the system with heavy water usage.(long showers, multiple loads of laundry back to back, etc.)
Use garbage disposal sparingly, they will rapidly increase solids loading in aerobic systems which could lead to equipment failure and frequent pumping of tanks.
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